Who We Are

About Families Free

Families Free is a 501(c)3 organization designed to build better communities through the transformation of vulnerable
families, especially those affected by incarceration. Families Free provides evidence-based services combined with the faith-based principles of compassion, healing, and restoration to promote positive lifestyle changes within our communities’ most at-risk and overlooked populations.

Our Mission

“Strengthening our community by building the capacity of vulnerable families through education, intervention and restoring relationships.”

Board of Directors

Families Free, Inc.  is governed by a Board of Directors who meet monthly to discuss the ongoing progress.  Prior to each meeting the Board is given a meeting agenda. Their duties include, but are not limited to, ensuring the proper financial oversight through review and approval of the financial statement.  The Board also is kept up to date on the daily operations and current status of every program within Families Free. The Board is comprised of key people who are knowledgeable now only with the private sector but also with non-profits.  The Board consists of:

  • Julia Beeson
  • Linda Brittenham
  • Tara Chadwell
  • Charles London
  • Myra Phillips
  • Lynn Reitzer
  • Nancy Story
  • Jill Stott
  • Lisa Tipton
  • Tina Wilson

Families Free Team:

The Board of Families Free, Inc. is knowledgeable and is able to bring  their personal knowledge and experiences to enhance the daily operations as well as being readily available to the Executive Director, Lisa Tipton.  The Board is able to address any problem that may arise with their knowledge and expertise.

jnormanWho We Are