Community Impact

Parenting Education Services

Nurturing Families of Tennessee is funded by the Department of Children’s Services, which serves families for 16 weeks through in-home parenting and education. Families Free provides this program to families with children at risk for going into foster care through a contract with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.

Mom Power: A Therapeutic Intervention for Mothers of Young Children

Mom Power is a trauma-informed parenting and self-care skills group designed for mothers of young children (ages 0-5). Parenting is hard enough under the best circumstances and when you add risk factors–such as perinatal mental health difficulties, maternal history of adverse childhood experiences, ongoing adversity, financial stressors, etc—it makes parenting that much harder. Mom Power aims to support caregivers as they support children and to empower mothers to consistently and confidently support their child’s social and emotional development.

First Judicial District Felony Recovery Court

Families Free holds the contract for the First Judicial District Felony Recovery Court. We provide evidenced based, holistic treatment for individuals involved with the criminal justice system rooted in substance use. Research demonstrates recovery courts reduce crime, save money, and restore families.

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