Community Impact

Parenting Education Services

Families Free provides Parenting Education Services to families with children at risk for going into foster care through a contract with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. Families Free is only taking referrals through DCS at this time. We hope to have the capacity to serve families we learn about through needs-driven referrals in the near future.

Therapeutic Family Services

Through this service, Families Free provides families with skill building, teaching and modeling of life concepts, advocacy, and crisis management.  This may include:  character education, life development, anger management, parent education, drug and alcohol intervention, shoplifting and theft intervention, communication and conflict resolution training, truancy intervention, and resource linkage to other community agencies.

Therapeutic Family Violence Intervention Services

The spectrum of Family Violence Intervention Services includes skill building, teaching and modeling of life concepts, advocacy, crisis management, and conflict reduction/domestic violence training.  Based on Family Behavior Therapy, this behavioral treatment aims to reduce family violence and the underlying contributing factors.

Therapeutic Family Visitation Services

The menu of this programming includes a provision of a wide spectrum of services individualized to respond to the needs of the child and family, with an emphasis on flexibility and direct relationship to the needs which will provide the best prospects for family unity/reunification.  Parents will receive instructive feedback and guidance concerning each visit.  The referring case manager will receive feedback describing the visit, detailing its strengths and needs.

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